Matthew Krivitsky is one of the most reputed and well-respected lawyers in the city. His hard working and sincerity are some of the reason for his achievement. Not all successful persons are honest one but with him, one can always rely on his honesty and experience. It is no wonder that because of his extra hard working and nonflexible in the field he has a lot more enemies than friends.

Like any other normal youth, Matthew Krivitsky graduated from the law school in New York with dreams and hope. He started working in law concerns as an associate lawyer, though he gained experience and deep knowledge in there, he earned for the thrill and adrenal rush. He then was offered a position in the criminal Justice clinic as a clinical intern. He gladly accepted the offer and not once he regretted working there. The crime scene investigations, criminals, and all those adventurous things fascinate him but have failed to impress him. With the hard works and dedication, he has earned a special place and respect in so many people’s heart. When accepting a case file he commits to it working day and night for the success. His interrogation and investigation with the opponent will be intimating but at the same time intriguing.

Even after gaining much reputation Matthew Krivitsky stands the ground always polite and friendly to others. He has attended a number of cases, achieved thousands of battles but he never once took the success to his head. In his client circle is known as the man of trust, with his friends he is the man of hope and with his colleagues he is known as the man of his word. While handling a case he is a force to be reckoned, the way he interacts with the clients, his keen observation will blow the mind.

However, he is experienced in all the cases, his Magnum Opus would be personal injury law judiciary. The way he handles the case will make one wonder about his deep knowledge and experience in the field. In the case of any personal injury, Mathew Krivisky is the person one has to approach for justice. He gains a satisfaction in bringing justice to the victim. He is loyal and dedicated to his work. Apart from this section he is also well known for his works in:

  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • New York nightlife
  • Legal writings
  • Criminal law
  • Copyrights and trademarks
  • Legal business advice

Matthew Krivisky is known as a well-respected lawyer in public, but not all knows about his social services. He has participated and contributed a lot to the social welfare and awareness program. He is also a member in lots of social welfare associations and justice leagues. It is hard to find such a personality, a young face with experience and loyalty, not all will be a role model type. In today’s world, not much people are favorites of humanity and honesty, Matthew Krivitsky is sure an exceptional case from them.


Matthew Krivitsky – A Name of Excellence

Matthew Krivitsky is a highly qualified and experienced lawyer who got their bachelor degree from a law school, namely Hofstra, New York in 2012. He is working as an associate attorney employed by Daniella Levi and Associates PC. He got his first undergraduate degree from Binghamton University just before their bachelor degree. He is very passionate about their work.

Professional Memberships and Associations

He is a very good and helpful man when it comes to about the Matthew Krivitsky. He has also actively participated in several communities and organizations of social welfare and justice.  American Association for Justice, the New York State Trial Lawyers Association and the New York State Bar Association are the few key names where he has as an avid member. He is not only the member of such communities and organizations, but also being one jumps ahead from other members when it comes to actively participate and works.

Professional History

Else their current employment at Daniella Levi and Associates PC, Matthew Krivitsky was employed by Cizik law PLLC with the same designation he is working currently. He had a massive work experience from that time when he was schooled, according to his rich resume. At the Criminal Justice Clinic, he has worked as a clinical intern where he got the golden opportunity to start their career. He en-cashment that opportunity and learned the key skills of dealing with crime scene investigations, how to interviewing the clients, negotiation as well as drafting motions and other important things that playing a key role to make him a successful attorney with the district attorney. It was not too easy as looked; he makes lots of efforts and give as much as possible their hours to learn the skills.

And after that, Matthew Krivitsky learned quickly how to boost the contracts for sale the commercial properties as well as other things, for example, townhouses, condos, and apartments.

On the occasion of personal injury to someone or yourself, you know, Matthew Krivitsky is only the best and right option for the job, because he has a lot of experience to work  in such situations and having an inside understanding of the intricacies and dynamics of personal injury law. He is able to assist you and can fix any legal problem regarding personal injury. It is only getting possible because of his experience at Weiserbs and Higgins. He has lots of experience and well acquainted with state and federal proceeding in court and can put you with high confidence.

So if you are having trouble and looking for a lawyer to represent you in the court in the right manner, you are at right place. Matthew Krivitsky is the right person who can represent you in the right manner. Following are a few matters that are the cup of tea of him.

  • Personal injury
  • Insurance
  • New York Nightlife law
  • Real Estate low
  • Internet and Media low
  • Small business and startups
  • Legal writing
  • Criminal law
  • Entertainment
  • Copyright and Trademarks

All the above-mentioned attributes make Matthew Krivitsky one the top most and successful lawyer in New York. And he is one of them who managed to stamp his name in this competitive industry.


A man who stands for justice and what is right; who follows the path of truth and ensures that every individual who comes to him receives fair justice. It is in this manner that Matthew Krivitsky is known amongst his colleagues, clients and all those who know him.  He is one of those individuals who has managed to successfully establish his career as one of the most successful and best lawyers of New York.

His wide knowledge, experience, dedication and passion towards his work has made him one of the most sought after lawyers today.


Matthew Krivitsky has earned his degree in law from one of the top ranking law schools. He graduated from the Hofstra School of Law in 2012. This name itself brings to one’s mind the talented and successful lawyers which it has produced. Krivitsky’s name shines brightly amongst those lawyers of repute who are alumni of Hofstra School of Law.

Krivitsky is pursuing his successful career as a lawyer in Daniella Levi & Associates where he works as an associate attorney. He works under varied roles and responsibilities but his core specialization area remains personal injury law.

Matthew Krivitsky’s wide experience speaks for his repute as a lawyer. Prior toDaniella Levi & Associates he worked at Czik Law PLLC where also he worked as an associate attorney. He also worked at Reinhardt and Reinhardt Attorneyswhere he gathered experience and learnt to draft contracts for sale of commercial properties, houses and apartments.

His experience as a summer associate in McBreen&Kopko in Jericho New York proved valuable. He conducted research and supervised corporate and commercial contracts and also made presentations.

He gathered valuable experience in personal injury law while working in Weiserbs and Higgins. This experience has proved immensely helpful and now personal injury law is his forte.


Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are the pre requisites of a good lawyer. Matthew Krivitsky possesses these qualities in abundance. His arguments are very effective and convincing to the judges and the juries. He possesses remarkable written communication skills as well. He has wide experience in legal writing. His ability to critically think and analyze the various aspects of a case is also praise worthy. He logically analyses and arranges his arguments.  He looks into his own arguments and also finds out the weaknesses in the arguments of the opposition. He has the ability to decide on the most appropriate course of action.

Matthew Krivitsky’s brilliant interpersonal skills enables him to persuade his clients to follow his advice. He also possesses the skills to convince his opponents to come to a resolution. He also has the ability to understand the psyche of the witnesses and figure out whether they are completely honest with their statements.

His perseverance, persistence, dedication and sincerity are the qualities which have made him one of the most successful lawyers. Even if he faces obstacles while working he is persistent and perseveres until he finds the best possible solution.

The most important quality which Matthew Krivitsky possesses is his passion for work. He loves his work and that is reflected in his dealings. He truly believes in his abilities and his work. He ensures that all his clients receive a fair trial.

Thus, Krivitsky has emerged as one of the best and sought after lawyers in New York.

Fortunate Lawyer Matthew Krivitsky: Leads You to Success

The most difficult decision is to hire a good lawyer who can understand you well and take every effort to win your case. The success and failure of any case depends on the lawyer too. Whether he may win you a case or may lose it, everything depends on how much interested he is and how much qualities he has.

Every lawyer has some qualities, but to be a great lawyer requires a lot more thing. All the qualities required to be a great lawyer are in Matthew Krivitsky. He is very talented and knows how to perform his work and loves it. He is well qualified and experienced in his field.


Makes point wise details of case:

Matthew Krivitsky has every quality which makes him great. The basic thing a lawyer must have is writing skills because they have to write a lot thing and also have to make legal documents. He read all the details in brief and make note of every point which should be influenced in front of the jury so that no point can be forgotten.

Great problem handler:

The analytical skill is a must in every lawyer; he should know how to get rid of any situation. Matthew Krivitsky is able to handle every situation and resolves the problem successfully and very confidently. He is very creative and acts according to the situation. He is highly capable.

 Effective Communicator:

It is very much essential for a lawyer to express his views and every single detail in such a way that every person as well as the jury can understand it without making an effort. Matthew Krivitsky is a good listener and a great communicator. He has great and effective communication skill; he listens to everything his client wants to say. You will feel great comfort while talking to him.

Tremendous Consulter:

Legal consult is required in every case, so that you can take right steps. You can take legal advice from Matthew Krivitsky because he knows everything about the laws and all its terms and condition. He is a tremendous consulter you need and never throws legal terms over you which you can’t understand. Matthew Krivitsky has a friendly nature and very trustworthy and trust is must between a lawyer and his client.


If you want a successful case you must have Matthew Krivitsky, his services are very crucial in the society. He will never disappoint you because he reads the case from every point of view. He has a big name among lawyers. He can guide you in all your legal matters and prevents you from taking any wrong decision which may take you towards failure.

Always available and Affordable:

Matthew Krivitsky is always available for their client whenever they need him. He treats everyone with patience and not very much busy to receive your calls if you want him. His fees is not too expensive, it is according to the time period and the complexity of the case he handles. You will never regret for choosing him as your legal consulted.