Matthew Krivitsky – A Name of Excellence

Matthew Krivitsky is a highly qualified and experienced lawyer who got their bachelor degree from a law school, namely Hofstra, New York in 2012. He is working as an associate attorney employed by Daniella Levi and Associates PC. He got his first undergraduate degree from Binghamton University just before their bachelor degree. He is very passionate about their work.

Professional Memberships and Associations

He is a very good and helpful man when it comes to about the Matthew Krivitsky. He has also actively participated in several communities and organizations of social welfare and justice.  American Association for Justice, the New York State Trial Lawyers Association and the New York State Bar Association are the few key names where he has as an avid member. He is not only the member of such communities and organizations, but also being one jumps ahead from other members when it comes to actively participate and works.

Professional History

Else their current employment at Daniella Levi and Associates PC, Matthew Krivitsky was employed by Cizik law PLLC with the same designation he is working currently. He had a massive work experience from that time when he was schooled, according to his rich resume. At the Criminal Justice Clinic, he has worked as a clinical intern where he got the golden opportunity to start their career. He en-cashment that opportunity and learned the key skills of dealing with crime scene investigations, how to interviewing the clients, negotiation as well as drafting motions and other important things that playing a key role to make him a successful attorney with the district attorney. It was not too easy as looked; he makes lots of efforts and give as much as possible their hours to learn the skills.

And after that, Matthew Krivitsky learned quickly how to boost the contracts for sale the commercial properties as well as other things, for example, townhouses, condos, and apartments.

On the occasion of personal injury to someone or yourself, you know, Matthew Krivitsky is only the best and right option for the job, because he has a lot of experience to work  in such situations and having an inside understanding of the intricacies and dynamics of personal injury law. He is able to assist you and can fix any legal problem regarding personal injury. It is only getting possible because of his experience at Weiserbs and Higgins. He has lots of experience and well acquainted with state and federal proceeding in court and can put you with high confidence.

So if you are having trouble and looking for a lawyer to represent you in the court in the right manner, you are at right place. Matthew Krivitsky is the right person who can represent you in the right manner. Following are a few matters that are the cup of tea of him.

  • Personal injury
  • Insurance
  • New York Nightlife law
  • Real Estate low
  • Internet and Media low
  • Small business and startups
  • Legal writing
  • Criminal law
  • Entertainment
  • Copyright and Trademarks

All the above-mentioned attributes make Matthew Krivitsky one the top most and successful lawyer in New York. And he is one of them who managed to stamp his name in this competitive industry.


Courtroom Battles Aren`t Uncommon In Matthew Krivitsky`s Career

m1Meet Matthew.  Matthew Krivitsky is a general lawyer who`s informal motto is the following, Sonia Sotomayor`s quotation:  ‘We informed, privileged law firms obtain a ethical and skilled professional responsibility to symbolize the underrepresented in this world, to guarantee that justice are available for all, each law and monetary proper rights.’  Matthew firmly believes Sonia is right about this.

Matthew is discussed favourably, an attorney who is completely capable of handling matters beginning with the ordinary and going much further.  Matthew exhibits quite a bit of talent.

Hofstra High school of Laws:

Krivistky is Alumni:

Krivistky isn`t afraid of a challenge and his success began with Hofstra Institution of Regulations, an excellent law faculty renowned for its alumni Maryanne Trump Barry ’74 and David A. Peterson ’83.  Matthew is proud that he is continuing Hofstra`s tradition of excellence.  Now Matthew Krivistky`s name is added to this list.  You can find out more about him at: you won`t be displeased.  It isn`t just Barry and Peterson who come from Hofstra, as other notables who originated their careers there include Steve W. Ackerman ’83 and Christopher Antone ’81.  The list of excellence goes on.  Matthew graduated in 2012.  He was proud to begin his career.

Matthew Krivitsky is a proud star who graduated from Hofstra.  Hofstra in fact began a foundation to aid Kisvistky in beginning his career and Matthew`s successes have demonstrated his abilities in the courtroom.  He is a very good lawyer.  He joined Daniella Levi And Associates which is a correlate law firm.  He practices law for Daniella Levi and Associates.  Matthew`s areas of expertise in this regard extend to the following:

House law.  Matthew is a dutiful attorney.

Internet legislation.  Concerns about the World Wide Web are frequently addressed by Matthew.

Copyrights And Trademarks.  Matthew will take on disputes over intellectual property.

Insurance policy.  Matthew can evaluate and shed light on various aspects of insurance.

Criminal Regulation.  Matthew is a comp9tent criminal attorney.

Matthew Krivitsky is quite a good lawyer.  Matthew is a frank, compelling attorney who can drive home a bargain in simple, elegant language.  He doesn`t shy away from the truth.  It has been barely five years that he has been practicing law and Matthew is a trailblazer in the courtrooms of New York.  He is undaunted by a challenge.


Part of Matthew`s intent is to do Hofstra right and strive to bring regulation to those he defends.  In this capacity, he is highly successful.  This is a great start for Matthew Krivitsky and more is to come.   He is a great lawyer.

Real life legal disputes aren`t like television.  It is a challenging and complex arena and there is no room for shirking responsibility.  It is important to understand this fact.  If there were more lawyers like Matthew, the world would be a better place.

Getting to Know Matthew Krivitsky

Matthew Krivitsky finished from Hofstra College in 2012.  It wasn`t all that long ago but Matthew has done a lot.   He came a long way and there are no signs he is stopping.  Mr Matthew Krivitsky happens to be employed by Daniella Levi And Representatives, but it didn`t happen by accident.  He worked hard to get there.  He knows the value of hard work.


Krivitsky and the York Express Pub Association:

Krivitsky is a member of the York Express Pub Association, and Talk about Trial.  These begin to speak to his credentials.  A number of impressive distinctions can be attributed to Matthew.  Matthew Krivitsky was employed by Czik Legislation PLLC where he was an affiliate legal representative, before he set up shop at Daniella Levi & Representatives.  He set his sights on what he wanted and he got it.  He`ll tell you what you need to know regarding your situation.  Matthew Krivitsky obtained detailed experience at the same time researching.  He is an excellent attorney.  See for yourself.

Krivitsky at the Wesierbs & Higgins, LLP:

In the case of personal injury to yourself or to someone you care about, Matthew will act as your attorney.  He is extremely personable.  Also, he demonstrates enthusiasm and energy for the job.  As at Weiserbs &  Higgins, LLP , Matthew has experience with the complexities and dynamics of injury legislation and can handle any legal issues pertaining to accidental injury.  You will be in good hands.  Matthew is an excellent attorney.

Krivitsky at McBreen and Kopko:

That is only some of what Matthew can do as he also worked in summer months at the legendary company McBreen  and Kopko in Jericho, New York City.   He accomplished quite a bit.  Looking back, it is interesting what Matthew learned.

Krivitsky and the latest Specialization:

Matthew Krivitsky will aid you if you are looking for a person to represent you for any of these concerns, being a competent and knowledgeable attorney at law:

  • Real Estate Property rules
  • Landlord-tenant rules
  • Nyc Night life legal system
  • Web-based & Media channels rules
  • Copyrights & Trademarks
  • Activity
  • Insurance policies
  • Simple business & Start-ups
  • Felony Regulations
  • Injury
  • Lawful Posting

Mr. Krivitsky is a very good attorney.  Achievements of this kind aren`t unique, but they are hard won.  These are Matthew`s capabilities that put him among the best attorneys in Nyc. Look no further.  Matthew may be right for you.  If you would like an attorney who will take note and give you an opportunity to be read reasonably then Mr. Krivitsky may be the solicitor for your situation.  Good luck.  You can trust Matthew Krivitsky.

Mr. Krivitsky is likely to go to bat for you, but be prepared for a fight if it comes to it.  Mr. Krivitsky knows litigation isn`t easy on anyone, but it is his job and he does it well.  He has a wealth of experience to his credit.