About Matthew Krivitsky

‘We Well-informed, Privileged Lawyers End Up With A Skilled Professional And Moral Responsibility To Stand For The Underrepresented Inside Our Modern Society, To Make Certain Justice Exists For All, Both Of Them Official And Economical Justice.’

–Sonia Sotomayor

m4If you know Matthew Krivitsky, you know that he`s a bold legal representative.  Charming and confident, Mr. Krivitsky is an excellent choice to defend you if you are afoul of legal problems.

The excellent law institution Hofstra College of Law has produced top-quality graduates including Maryanne Trump Barry ’74 and David A. Peterson ’83.  Both of these individuals went on to great success.  Additionally, the school’s directory of famous alumni includes Steve W. Ackerman ’83, not to mention The Walt, Vendor, and Christopher Antone, ’81.  These were all greats in the history of Hofstra.  All these people excelled after graduating from Hofstra.  So has Matthew.

Matthew Krivitsky graduated from Hofstra in 2012.  He launched his career with quite a bit of momentum to see him into the future.  He began his occupation as an attorney with the help of the college`s efforts.  They recognized he is very good.  Matthew began an extensive series of successes in the field of law which he practices.  There is no sign he will stop, either.  Matthew Krivitsky is an affiliate attorney and is experienced specifically in accidental injury regulations.  This is where he has made his name.  This is not to state that it is the only legal system he strategizes.  He is quite versatile.  There are many areas he can be employed in adequately.  He is a very good lawyer.  Legal applications he has been known to address include:

  • Real estate regulations
  • Internet rules
  • Copyrights & Trademarks
  • Auto insurance
  • Felony Law

Matthew Krivitsky works very hard.  Matthew Krivitsky is termed an honest, highly regarded and astute attorney who looks for proper rights of the individual.  He is known for his frankness and candor in the courtroom and also for discussing the reality of a legal dispute with a high degree of professionalism.  He truly is an excellent attorney.  It has been a triumph for him year after year.  Young but knowledgeable, Matthew intends to continue to excel in the courtroom.  Matthew is definitely a trailblazer who has ensured that he well known inside the courtrooms of New York.

Matthew Krivitsky will in all probability carry on the tradition of the incredibly good Hofstra alumni who likewise stand out.  He hopes to do his alma mater proud.  He is a great lawyer.  Considerate and intelligent, if you have legal troubles, he could be the right attorney for you.  This is your first step engaging Mr Krivitsky, who intends to proceed in the tradition of those who came before him.  He is very good.  Good luck to you.  If you want a laywer with an elegant handling of various legalities, Matthew Krivitsky may be right.


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