Matthew Krivitsky, the Role Model for the Youngsters

As they say, a successful man is one who can lay a strong foundation with the bricks others thrown at him. Matthew Krivitsky is one among such person who works hard in achieving this position. After completing his JD at Hofstra Law School, he started working for Cizik law PLLC. An opportunity, which led him in the direction of success. The love he has for the law and his dedication made it possible for him to transition to Daniella Levi and Associates PC, where he continues to be a successful trial attorney for the firm.

A man of zealous:

In today’s world, not many are studious and faithful in their work. But one can easily say Matthew Krivitsky is a zealous and passionate worker.

A man of multi-talent:

There are many people out there who can give best opinion and solution in one field but it is Matthew Krivitsky who gives all the possible and right solution regardless of the problem. He is gifted with multi talent which comes handy in many situations like in insurance, criminal law, copyright and trademarks, Real Estate, Legal writing and even in personal injury. His list of expertise goes all the way round to the small business startups and development too. His confidence and experience in handling a case give the youngsters a reason to pursue their career in the field of law.

An attorney with soft heart:

When it comes to legal dealings, Matthew Krivitsky is as hard as the rock in his decision but when it comes to social welfare, he is as kind as Belle. He is an active members of the New York State Trial Lawyer Association and The New York State Bar Association. He is also a leading contributor to a number of organizations and associations. His kind and caring nature makes him shine in the field of personal injury as the most reliable and trustworthy attorney.

Personal injury and law enforcement:

Getting injured is always a hassle and definitely an inconvenience. However, Matthew Krivitsky will get you the compensation that you need and deserve! He knows all the difficulties in the intricacies and dynamics of personal  injury law and will fight for your rights!

Apart from these qualities, his friendliness and well mannered behavior earned him high regards in the field of law. Matthew Krivitsky is the man who takes criticism to his head and compliments to his heart, a rare quality for successful individuals. The way he handles his case and representing his client will make his opponents take a second guess in continuing their work. Yet one will not believe he is a tough nut to crack inside the court. His easy going personality and attentiveness has earned him a lot of clients as well as friends in and outside his professional circle.

If you are seeking an attorney who is trustworthy and experienced, then Matthew Krivitsky is the one you should reach for. Once you work with him, you will know why he is one of the most successful up and coming trial attorneys in New York State.