A man who stands for justice and what is right; who follows the path of truth and ensures that every individual who comes to him receives fair justice. It is in this manner that Matthew Krivitsky is known amongst his colleagues, clients and all those who know him.  He is one of those individuals who has managed to successfully establish his career as one of the most successful and best lawyers of New York.

His wide knowledge, experience, dedication and passion towards his work has made him one of the most sought after lawyers today.


Matthew Krivitsky has earned his degree in law from one of the top ranking law schools. He graduated from the Hofstra School of Law in 2012. This name itself brings to one’s mind the talented and successful lawyers which it has produced. Krivitsky’s name shines brightly amongst those lawyers of repute who are alumni of Hofstra School of Law.

Krivitsky is pursuing his successful career as a lawyer in Daniella Levi & Associates where he works as an associate attorney. He works under varied roles and responsibilities but his core specialization area remains personal injury law.

Matthew Krivitsky’s wide experience speaks for his repute as a lawyer. Prior toDaniella Levi & Associates he worked at Czik Law PLLC where also he worked as an associate attorney. He also worked at Reinhardt and Reinhardt Attorneyswhere he gathered experience and learnt to draft contracts for sale of commercial properties, houses and apartments.

His experience as a summer associate in McBreen&Kopko in Jericho New York proved valuable. He conducted research and supervised corporate and commercial contracts and also made presentations.

He gathered valuable experience in personal injury law while working in Weiserbs and Higgins. This experience has proved immensely helpful and now personal injury law is his forte.


Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are the pre requisites of a good lawyer. Matthew Krivitsky possesses these qualities in abundance. His arguments are very effective and convincing to the judges and the juries. He possesses remarkable written communication skills as well. He has wide experience in legal writing. His ability to critically think and analyze the various aspects of a case is also praise worthy. He logically analyses and arranges his arguments.  He looks into his own arguments and also finds out the weaknesses in the arguments of the opposition. He has the ability to decide on the most appropriate course of action.

Matthew Krivitsky’s brilliant interpersonal skills enables him to persuade his clients to follow his advice. He also possesses the skills to convince his opponents to come to a resolution. He also has the ability to understand the psyche of the witnesses and figure out whether they are completely honest with their statements.

His perseverance, persistence, dedication and sincerity are the qualities which have made him one of the most successful lawyers. Even if he faces obstacles while working he is persistent and perseveres until he finds the best possible solution.

The most important quality which Matthew Krivitsky possesses is his passion for work. He loves his work and that is reflected in his dealings. He truly believes in his abilities and his work. He ensures that all his clients receive a fair trial.

Thus, Krivitsky has emerged as one of the best and sought after lawyers in New York.

Courtroom Battles Aren`t Uncommon In Matthew Krivitsky`s Career

m1Meet Matthew.  Matthew Krivitsky is a general lawyer who`s informal motto is the following, Sonia Sotomayor`s quotation:  ‘We informed, privileged law firms obtain a ethical and skilled professional responsibility to symbolize the underrepresented in this world, to guarantee that justice are available for all, each law and monetary proper rights.’  Matthew firmly believes Sonia is right about this.

Matthew is discussed favourably, an attorney who is completely capable of handling matters beginning with the ordinary and going much further.  Matthew exhibits quite a bit of talent.

Hofstra High school of Laws:

Krivistky is Alumni:

Krivistky isn`t afraid of a challenge and his success began with Hofstra Institution of Regulations, an excellent law faculty renowned for its alumni Maryanne Trump Barry ’74 and David A. Peterson ’83.  Matthew is proud that he is continuing Hofstra`s tradition of excellence.  Now Matthew Krivistky`s name is added to this list.  You can find out more about him at: you won`t be displeased.  It isn`t just Barry and Peterson who come from Hofstra, as other notables who originated their careers there include Steve W. Ackerman ’83 and Christopher Antone ’81.  The list of excellence goes on.  Matthew graduated in 2012.  He was proud to begin his career.

Matthew Krivitsky is a proud star who graduated from Hofstra.  Hofstra in fact began a foundation to aid Kisvistky in beginning his career and Matthew`s successes have demonstrated his abilities in the courtroom.  He is a very good lawyer.  He joined Daniella Levi And Associates which is a correlate law firm.  He practices law for Daniella Levi and Associates.  Matthew`s areas of expertise in this regard extend to the following:

House law.  Matthew is a dutiful attorney.

Internet legislation.  Concerns about the World Wide Web are frequently addressed by Matthew.

Copyrights And Trademarks.  Matthew will take on disputes over intellectual property.

Insurance policy.  Matthew can evaluate and shed light on various aspects of insurance.

Criminal Regulation.  Matthew is a comp9tent criminal attorney.

Matthew Krivitsky is quite a good lawyer.  Matthew is a frank, compelling attorney who can drive home a bargain in simple, elegant language.  He doesn`t shy away from the truth.  It has been barely five years that he has been practicing law and Matthew is a trailblazer in the courtrooms of New York.  He is undaunted by a challenge.


Part of Matthew`s intent is to do Hofstra right and strive to bring regulation to those he defends.  In this capacity, he is highly successful.  This is a great start for Matthew Krivitsky and more is to come.   He is a great lawyer.

Real life legal disputes aren`t like television.  It is a challenging and complex arena and there is no room for shirking responsibility.  It is important to understand this fact.  If there were more lawyers like Matthew, the world would be a better place.