mPerseverance, dedication, sincerity, foresightedness, strong analytical skills are a few of the virtues which best describe Matthew Krivitsky – one of the best and most successful lawyers in the fraternity. He is one of those lawyers who never hesitate to stand up for what is right and just. He has fought and he still fights for the rights of the common man and ensures that truth always wins.


Matthew Krivitsky studied in one of the most reputed and esteemed law schools of the country. He went to the Hofstra School of Law. The law school has produced premier lawyers of all times. Its alumni include Judge Maryanne Trump Barry ’74 and the former governor of New York, David A. Peterson ’83.

He successfully launched his career as a lawyer through the platform set up by his law school and there has been no looking back for him since then.


Matthew Krivitsky proved his merit as a budding successful lawyer, right from the time when he was studying in his law school. He worked as a clinical intern in Criminal Justice Clinic and honed his skills as a lawyer. He gathered invaluable experience in interviewing clients and drafting motions. He also got the opportunity to work at crime scene investigations and negotiate with district attorneys. The rich experience which he gathered here helped him prepare himself to become a successful lawyer.

Matthew Krivitsky currently works at Daniella Levi & Associates. He works as an associate attorney there. He has undertaken to work in a number of roles and responsibilities at his present place of work. His area of specialization remains personal injury law.

He has a wide experience in his sphere of work. Before joining Daniella Levi & Associates, he worked at Czik Law PLLC. He was an associate attorney here as well. He also worked at Reinhardt and Reinhardt Attorneys at Lawand Weiserbs& Higgins. At Reinhardt he got experience in drafting contracts for sale of houses, commercial properties, apartments and townhouses.

His work as a summer associate in McBreen&Kopko in Jericho New York enabled him to do extensive research and supervise corporate and commercial contracts. He even attended conferences and worked on the presentations.

Matthew Krivitsky specializes in personal injury law. He gathered valuable experience in this branch of law while he worked at Weiserbs and Higgins. He gained a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics and complexities of personal injury law.

Now he can fight any case related to personal injury law. He is also well versed with the federal and state proceedings of court. So, he will be the right choice to make if one is in need of a lawyer for any personal injury.


Besides specializing in personal injury law, Matthew Krivitsky also works on criminal law, real estate law, internet and media law, landlord-tenant law, insurance, copyrights and trademarks, small business and startups, New York nightlife law, personal law and legal writing.

With so many skills, areas of specialization and wide experience, Krivitsky has successfully established himself as one of the top ranking lawyers of New York.


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