Hofstra School of Law has Recognized Matthew Krivitsky as a Trustworthy Matthew Krivitsky is an Asset To His Law Firm

‘We intelligent, privileged lawyers maintain a moral and qualified duty to reflect the underrepresented in our community, to make certain that justice exists for all, both together legitimate and market proper rights.’

–Sonia Sotomayor

It isn’t a surprise that lawyers have this responsibility.  The ideas behind what Sonia Sotomayor said might summarize one Hofstra School of Law graduate in particular.  One young lawyer certainly fights on behalf of the community in which he lives.  Meet Matthew Krivistky.  Matthew practices law intelligently and respectfully.  He is courteous and diligent.  Those who are underrepresented are elevated by Matthew Krivitsky to a position of importance.

For Matthew, justice is real, neither elusive nor theoretical.  Matthew demonstrates that an individual has rights.  For him, law is a calling.  Matthew Krivitsky is an attorney at law who is highly principled.  It comes as no surprise given Matthew’s education.  He trained at Hofstra school of Rules, an excellent academic institution notably proven by Maryanne Trump Barry in ‘74 and David A. Peterson in ‘83.  These are other successful graduates of Hostra.  In addition, the halls of Hofstra have been home to famous alumni, Steve W. Ackerman in ‘83, Christoper Antone in ‘81 and, of course, The Walt.

Matthew Krivitsky is young, but may prove in his lifetime to be as great as any of these.  Matthew graduated in 2012, after which Hofstra developed a foundation to guide Matthew to his career as a legal professional.  It was a great honor for Matthew.  He now belongs to Daniella Levi and Employees.  This is his employer.  Matthew possesses expertise in:

  • Building law. Matthew contributes his insight and expertise to setting precedents.
  • Internet regulation. Laws pertaining to business conducted on computer networks are observed with an interest in protecting the consumer.
  • Copyrights & Trademarks. Matthew is an expert in intellectual property.
  • Insurance policies. Sorting insurance claims is also work Matthew does.
  • Criminal Law. Matthew isn’t afraid of a fight.

It goes without saying that Matthew has worked very hard.  He is highly regarded as a trustworthy, astute and consistent legal professional who believes strongly that justice is of the utmost importance.

With Matthew Krivitsky, you are in good hands.  He is well-regarded for this.  Owing his standing as a lawyer to his innate intelligence and savvy, Matthew will fight for what you know is right.

Barely five years after university, Matthew Krivitsky is a trailblazer who is famous in the courtrooms of New York.  He demonstrates ready and easy mastery.  Matthew continues to be interested in fulfilling his promise as Hofstra alumni to which he owes his career success.  He is one of a kind.

This is only the beginning for Matthew Krivitsky and the best is yet to come.  Entrusting Matthew with your case is a decision you won’t regret.


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