Fortunate Lawyer Matthew Krivitsky: Leads You to Success

The most difficult decision is to hire a good lawyer who can understand you well and take every effort to win your case. The success and failure of any case depends on the lawyer too. Whether he may win you a case or may lose it, everything depends on how much interested he is and how much qualities he has.

Every lawyer has some qualities, but to be a great lawyer requires a lot more thing. All the qualities required to be a great lawyer are in Matthew Krivitsky. He is very talented and knows how to perform his work and loves it. He is well qualified and experienced in his field.


Makes point wise details of case:

Matthew Krivitsky has every quality which makes him great. The basic thing a lawyer must have is writing skills because they have to write a lot thing and also have to make legal documents. He read all the details in brief and make note of every point which should be influenced in front of the jury so that no point can be forgotten.

Great problem handler:

The analytical skill is a must in every lawyer; he should know how to get rid of any situation. Matthew Krivitsky is able to handle every situation and resolves the problem successfully and very confidently. He is very creative and acts according to the situation. He is highly capable.

 Effective Communicator:

It is very much essential for a lawyer to express his views and every single detail in such a way that every person as well as the jury can understand it without making an effort. Matthew Krivitsky is a good listener and a great communicator. He has great and effective communication skill; he listens to everything his client wants to say. You will feel great comfort while talking to him.

Tremendous Consulter:

Legal consult is required in every case, so that you can take right steps. You can take legal advice from Matthew Krivitsky because he knows everything about the laws and all its terms and condition. He is a tremendous consulter you need and never throws legal terms over you which you can’t understand. Matthew Krivitsky has a friendly nature and very trustworthy and trust is must between a lawyer and his client.


If you want a successful case you must have Matthew Krivitsky, his services are very crucial in the society. He will never disappoint you because he reads the case from every point of view. He has a big name among lawyers. He can guide you in all your legal matters and prevents you from taking any wrong decision which may take you towards failure.

Always available and Affordable:

Matthew Krivitsky is always available for their client whenever they need him. He treats everyone with patience and not very much busy to receive your calls if you want him. His fees is not too expensive, it is according to the time period and the complexity of the case he handles. You will never regret for choosing him as your legal consulted.


Getting to Know Matthew Krivitsky

Matthew Krivitsky finished from Hofstra College in 2012.  It wasn`t all that long ago but Matthew has done a lot.   He came a long way and there are no signs he is stopping.  Mr Matthew Krivitsky happens to be employed by Daniella Levi And Representatives, but it didn`t happen by accident.  He worked hard to get there.  He knows the value of hard work.


Krivitsky and the York Express Pub Association:

Krivitsky is a member of the York Express Pub Association, and Talk about Trial.  These begin to speak to his credentials.  A number of impressive distinctions can be attributed to Matthew.  Matthew Krivitsky was employed by Czik Legislation PLLC where he was an affiliate legal representative, before he set up shop at Daniella Levi & Representatives.  He set his sights on what he wanted and he got it.  He`ll tell you what you need to know regarding your situation.  Matthew Krivitsky obtained detailed experience at the same time researching.  He is an excellent attorney.  See for yourself.

Krivitsky at the Wesierbs & Higgins, LLP:

In the case of personal injury to yourself or to someone you care about, Matthew will act as your attorney.  He is extremely personable.  Also, he demonstrates enthusiasm and energy for the job.  As at Weiserbs &  Higgins, LLP , Matthew has experience with the complexities and dynamics of injury legislation and can handle any legal issues pertaining to accidental injury.  You will be in good hands.  Matthew is an excellent attorney.

Krivitsky at McBreen and Kopko:

That is only some of what Matthew can do as he also worked in summer months at the legendary company McBreen  and Kopko in Jericho, New York City.   He accomplished quite a bit.  Looking back, it is interesting what Matthew learned.

Krivitsky and the latest Specialization:

Matthew Krivitsky will aid you if you are looking for a person to represent you for any of these concerns, being a competent and knowledgeable attorney at law:

  • Real Estate Property rules
  • Landlord-tenant rules
  • Nyc Night life legal system
  • Web-based & Media channels rules
  • Copyrights & Trademarks
  • Activity
  • Insurance policies
  • Simple business & Start-ups
  • Felony Regulations
  • Injury
  • Lawful Posting

Mr. Krivitsky is a very good attorney.  Achievements of this kind aren`t unique, but they are hard won.  These are Matthew`s capabilities that put him among the best attorneys in Nyc. Look no further.  Matthew may be right for you.  If you would like an attorney who will take note and give you an opportunity to be read reasonably then Mr. Krivitsky may be the solicitor for your situation.  Good luck.  You can trust Matthew Krivitsky.

Mr. Krivitsky is likely to go to bat for you, but be prepared for a fight if it comes to it.  Mr. Krivitsky knows litigation isn`t easy on anyone, but it is his job and he does it well.  He has a wealth of experience to his credit.

Hofstra School of Law has Recognized Matthew Krivitsky as a Trustworthy Matthew Krivitsky is an Asset To His Law Firm

‘We intelligent, privileged lawyers maintain a moral and qualified duty to reflect the underrepresented in our community, to make certain that justice exists for all, both together legitimate and market proper rights.’

–Sonia Sotomayor

It isn’t a surprise that lawyers have this responsibility.  The ideas behind what Sonia Sotomayor said might summarize one Hofstra School of Law graduate in particular.  One young lawyer certainly fights on behalf of the community in which he lives.  Meet Matthew Krivistky.  Matthew practices law intelligently and respectfully.  He is courteous and diligent.  Those who are underrepresented are elevated by Matthew Krivitsky to a position of importance.

For Matthew, justice is real, neither elusive nor theoretical.  Matthew demonstrates that an individual has rights.  For him, law is a calling.  Matthew Krivitsky is an attorney at law who is highly principled.  It comes as no surprise given Matthew’s education.  He trained at Hofstra school of Rules, an excellent academic institution notably proven by Maryanne Trump Barry in ‘74 and David A. Peterson in ‘83.  These are other successful graduates of Hostra.  In addition, the halls of Hofstra have been home to famous alumni, Steve W. Ackerman in ‘83, Christoper Antone in ‘81 and, of course, The Walt.

Matthew Krivitsky is young, but may prove in his lifetime to be as great as any of these.  Matthew graduated in 2012, after which Hofstra developed a foundation to guide Matthew to his career as a legal professional.  It was a great honor for Matthew.  He now belongs to Daniella Levi and Employees.  This is his employer.  Matthew possesses expertise in:

  • Building law. Matthew contributes his insight and expertise to setting precedents.
  • Internet regulation. Laws pertaining to business conducted on computer networks are observed with an interest in protecting the consumer.
  • Copyrights & Trademarks. Matthew is an expert in intellectual property.
  • Insurance policies. Sorting insurance claims is also work Matthew does.
  • Criminal Law. Matthew isn’t afraid of a fight.

It goes without saying that Matthew has worked very hard.  He is highly regarded as a trustworthy, astute and consistent legal professional who believes strongly that justice is of the utmost importance.

With Matthew Krivitsky, you are in good hands.  He is well-regarded for this.  Owing his standing as a lawyer to his innate intelligence and savvy, Matthew will fight for what you know is right.

Barely five years after university, Matthew Krivitsky is a trailblazer who is famous in the courtrooms of New York.  He demonstrates ready and easy mastery.  Matthew continues to be interested in fulfilling his promise as Hofstra alumni to which he owes his career success.  He is one of a kind.

This is only the beginning for Matthew Krivitsky and the best is yet to come.  Entrusting Matthew with your case is a decision you won’t regret.


mPerseverance, dedication, sincerity, foresightedness, strong analytical skills are a few of the virtues which best describe Matthew Krivitsky – one of the best and most successful lawyers in the fraternity. He is one of those lawyers who never hesitate to stand up for what is right and just. He has fought and he still fights for the rights of the common man and ensures that truth always wins.


Matthew Krivitsky studied in one of the most reputed and esteemed law schools of the country. He went to the Hofstra School of Law. The law school has produced premier lawyers of all times. Its alumni include Judge Maryanne Trump Barry ’74 and the former governor of New York, David A. Peterson ’83.

He successfully launched his career as a lawyer through the platform set up by his law school and there has been no looking back for him since then.


Matthew Krivitsky proved his merit as a budding successful lawyer, right from the time when he was studying in his law school. He worked as a clinical intern in Criminal Justice Clinic and honed his skills as a lawyer. He gathered invaluable experience in interviewing clients and drafting motions. He also got the opportunity to work at crime scene investigations and negotiate with district attorneys. The rich experience which he gathered here helped him prepare himself to become a successful lawyer.

Matthew Krivitsky currently works at Daniella Levi & Associates. He works as an associate attorney there. He has undertaken to work in a number of roles and responsibilities at his present place of work. His area of specialization remains personal injury law.

He has a wide experience in his sphere of work. Before joining Daniella Levi & Associates, he worked at Czik Law PLLC. He was an associate attorney here as well. He also worked at Reinhardt and Reinhardt Attorneys at Lawand Weiserbs& Higgins. At Reinhardt he got experience in drafting contracts for sale of houses, commercial properties, apartments and townhouses.

His work as a summer associate in McBreen&Kopko in Jericho New York enabled him to do extensive research and supervise corporate and commercial contracts. He even attended conferences and worked on the presentations.

Matthew Krivitsky specializes in personal injury law. He gathered valuable experience in this branch of law while he worked at Weiserbs and Higgins. He gained a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics and complexities of personal injury law.

Now he can fight any case related to personal injury law. He is also well versed with the federal and state proceedings of court. So, he will be the right choice to make if one is in need of a lawyer for any personal injury.


Besides specializing in personal injury law, Matthew Krivitsky also works on criminal law, real estate law, internet and media law, landlord-tenant law, insurance, copyrights and trademarks, small business and startups, New York nightlife law, personal law and legal writing.

With so many skills, areas of specialization and wide experience, Krivitsky has successfully established himself as one of the top ranking lawyers of New York.