Meet Matthew Krivitsky – Where Empathy Meets Experience


You have heard of smart lawyers, you have heard of successful lawyers. You have heard of lawyers whose defense has won every case they have handled, yet you have your reservations about hiring them because you do not feel comfortable confiding in them. In all our interactions whether public or private, one needs to feel comfortable with the other party. In Matthew Krivitsky you have both these required qualities – empathy and experience.

Mathew Krivitsky – the Lawyer:

He comes across as a very patient lawyer who listens to your side of the case totally before he raises his queries. His analytical mind assesses all the details and he successfully transposes your bare facts into a winning argument in court to get your rightful desserts. Fired with a passion for truth and justice to triumph, you can rest assured that he leaves no stone unturned when he presents your case.

He is currently an Associate at Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C. and his area of specialization is Personal Injury. However, he also has experience and exposure in Criminal Law, Real Estate and Tenant cases, Entertainment, Internet & Media Law. This wide gamut of his experience makes him the ideal choice of a lawyer.

Unification Group:

If you thought lawyers were boring, you can think again! Mathew Krivitsky owns an event planning company, which he operates with other like-minded lawyers and service providers from the hospitality industry. This combination brings to you the first of its kind in business networking – the Unification Group. It is a forum specifically for creating and forging business relationships beyond the walls of a corporate setting. Monthly events are planned where professionals from all lifestyles, varied career levels, and age groups meet in a social environment to exchange ideas and garner the best talent and opportunity available.

New York is a city of glitz and glamor and these meetings are held in the classiest of environs such as sophisticated hotels, elegant lounges, and red carpet ballrooms. The type of events varies month to month giving you a reason to look forward to new activities and new ambiance. One month it could be a cocktail party with invigorating music, the next it could be a fashion show, or yet again a premier of a blockbuster making the charts. The Unification Group will have you guessing as to what the next event could be. Therein lies the charm and excitement – the unknown and the unimagined!

Mathew Krivitsky’s credentials:

Mathew Krivitsky is a product of the illustrious School of Law – HOFSTRA, which has produced may high achievers. While pursuing his studies at HOFSTRA he also interned as a clinical intern at CJC (Criminal Justice Clinic). This internship has given him considerable experience in both criminal and medical cases. His work with various Bar Associations such as Brooklyn Bar, New York State Bar, and New York State Trial Lawyers Association has stood him in good stead. Given all of the above, Mathew would be your best choice for a Lawyer.


Wish to Expel Your Legal Problems? Get Aid from the Famous Legal Advisor Matthew Krivitsky

Who does not wish to live a stress-free life? One common issue faced by the people all over the world are legal problems in some way or the other. While some people are dealing with property issues, some are dealing with criminal issues and personal injury issues. Whatever the problem, all of us seek a helping hand in the form of an efficient and experienced legal advisor. When you take the name of a legal advisor in the New York City, there is one name to trust – “Matthew Krivitsky”. Be it any legal problem, from the criminal to the domestic disputes, Matthews has the best solutions to all of them. He is one legal savior for all your legal problems.

What All Do You Need to Know About Matthew Krivitsky?

One of the best legal representatives in the New York City, Matthew Krivitsky has earned himself an impression through his vast expertise and knowledge in the field of Law. A bold person by nature, he is capable of giving a strong voice to your legal problems. Matthew Krivitsky holds the reputation of graduating from the esteemed Hofstra University School of Law in 2012. This famous institution of Law has produced several gems in the legal field such as Maryanne Trump Barry in 1974 and David A. Peterson in 1983. Both of these legal advisors have marked their influential legal presence in solving the toughest of legal cases.

After graduating from the prestigious Hofstra University School of Law, Matthew Krivitsky went on to launch his career in the legal field. He started as an attorney when he was aided by his college, owing to his great image as a brilliant student. From then on, Matthew Krivitsky has set out his extensive and exclusive career in the field of Law by navigating success unknown to many.

He has continued to prosper and there is no stopping him. Presently, Matthew Krivitsky is an Associate Attorney at Daniella Levi & Associates based in the New York City. Through his years of experience in the legal domain, he has earned a specification in the accidental injury regulations. However, he is also capable of handling multitude of legal cases with respect to the following:

  • Car Accidents
  • Accidents in Certain Premises
  • Brutality by the Police or False Case
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  • Construction Accidents
  • Nursing Injuries and Neglects
  • Medical Malpractice

People suffering from any such legal matters and concerns can approach Matthew Krivitsky to evade their problems and to de-stress themselves. With his boldness and experience at your side, you will not have a freckle to worry about. Matthew Krivitsky is one such name who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to resolving people’s legal issues. So the next time you are in serious legal trouble, feel free to contact him right away!


Matthew Krivitsky a Professional and Reliable Lawyer

Who is Matthew Krivitsky?

Everyone wants a lawyer who is trustworthy and competent and Matthew Krivitsky is the one. He is a reliable lawyer who has a strong background in his field. These days he is an associate attorney at Daniella Levi and Associates PC, which is famous in dealing with different cases related to injuries and accidents. He completed his law from Hofstra University School of Law and just after completing his law he started practicing and now has a proper grip in his field. To see how successful he is, we can check the history of his work that shows he won different cases in different states. If you have any legal problem regarding accident, injury, cyber issues, property matters, and other commercial issues, Matthew Krivitsky will be the right choice as he has total command on these fields in a legal way.

Matthew Krivitsky’s Career:

He has a strong career and he is doing better and better day by day. These days Matthew Krivitsky is dealing with the cases related to accidents and injuries. He is an associate attorney at Daniella Levi and Associates PC. His career has been strong since he started practicing because he entered the field while he was in his academic years. He has a good experience in dealing with the cases of investigation and crime. After that, he also worked with different bar associations that include Czik Law PLLC and R & R Attorneys at Law and that was the time when he understood the cases regarding commercial lands and other property matters. Now Matthew Krivitsky has command over dealing such matters.


Matthew Krivitsky, the man of steel

Successful people are ones who get back up after falling down. Matthew Krivitsky is one of those individuals who proves through his hard work and dedication that anything can be done when you put in the time and effort. His commitment to his work and clients are unparallel.

He is the man who is willing to do anything and everything in his power to make a difference in the future. As a lawyer he is doing just the same, making the difference in people’s life.

A dedicated worker:-

Anyone can be a lawyer but to be a successful one you need dedication. A dedication to the work, a dedication to the honesty, a dedication to the law. Matthew Krivitsky definitely fits this title. He is unique in his own way, he is the man of action.


A trustworthy advisor:-

Being the man of few words, whatever Matthew Krivitsky says are considered as the best one. He thinks twice before he speaks but when he did it will be a good advice. He is friendly and helpful but he is also a trustworthy friend and best advisor for all the legal services including criminal law and justice.

An all rounder:-

Everyone will settle down with what they are given, but only successful people will settle down when they want. Matthew Krivitsky, the all-rounder in the legal field, had his hands in all the legal services,

A great role model:-

Not all successful people can make a good role model but with Matthew Krivitsky, it is a different story. Even as a starter, he was able to make a great impact among his colleagues and friends. He knows his worth and tends to show it to the world, he succeeded. A success which makes the juniors and seniors awe at his development, a success which brings a lot of enemies at his doorstep, a success which makes him the man of steel.

His new favorite:-

Though he is well known in all the fields of law enforcement. His new favorite is personal injury law. Wondering why? Blame his helping mind and honest nature. Not all lawyers have the capability to deal with the crimes and still believe in humanity, but like always Matthew Krivitsky is an exception. An exception who believes in honesty and sincerity.

Personal injury law is one of the most difficult and riskiest fields in the legal services. You have to defend the innocent against the wrong doers, you have to make a claim for their physical and mental damage. You have to take risk of your life. Matthew Krivitsky being the man he is, takes this risk willingly to provide the justice to the innocent, to bring the humanity back. He is not the kind of person to be messed with. He is powerful in his own way, unbreakable in his moral values and a pure heart which holds loyalty and trust.


Contact Matthew Krivitsky to Solve Legal Issues

In every phase of life, we have dangers and risks that can be related to business, life, or crime. For example, if someone robs you, what will you do? Or someone hits your car in an accident and it is their fault, then what can you possibly do? Yes, you would ask them to pay for the loss and still they deny, then how will you get the justice? Then only way left for you are the courts by hiring a good and a reliable lawyer who will fight for your justice and prove you innocent in front of the judge and hence your loss will be recovered.


In the same way, if you are running a business with your partners without a legal agreement, what can you do if any of them runs away and destroys your business? The best way to bypass this bad scenario is hiring a good attorney and gets an agreement written by him so that none of the partners can break the agreement in future and you can have enough profit and success in your business. Like these problems, there can be many other reasons for hiring a lawyer. Matthew Krivitsky is one of those lawyers whom you can rely and have trust on.

How is Matthew Krivitsky Trustworthy?

He is a lawyer who has a good reputation in his field and industry. If we talk about his experience, it is easy to notice that he is a well-diversed attorney. He has experience in Real Estate, Personal Injury, Commercial Litigation and Criminal Law. Matthew Krivitsky is very good at transactional law and will be able to assist you with any of your corporate issues.

A great thing about Matthew Krivitsky is that he tries to build a friendly relation with his clients instead of being formal. This makes a better understanding between him and his clients. He is an expert in dealing the cases regarding accidents, injuries, and criminal cases.

If anyone who faces any problem in the commercial sector, an accident, a criminal activity, an injury or other such problems, they can contact Matthew Krivitsky who is one of the best attorneys in NYC and fights for your justice. Unlike other lawyers who focus on the money instead of getting rights and justice for the people, Matthew Krivitsky’s main focus has always been on helping the others and fighting for their justice and rights in a legal way.

Matthew Krivitsky–A Name to Trust Upon!

A name which goes by his knowledge, expertise and zeal to help people out with their legal concerns is Matthew Krivitsky. He has earned himself the reputation of being New York City’s topmost and most trusted person when it comes to getting the rightful solutions to your legal problems. Having received his higher education in the field of Law from the prestigious Hofstra University School of Law, in 2012; Matthew Krivitsky aims to help the people of New York City with his ample expertise in the field of law.

Presently, he is employed as an Associate Attorney at Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C. and specializes in personal related injury cases and cases of malpractice in the medical field. Matthew Krivitsky has successfully tried cases in Kings County, Queens County, New York County, Bronx County, Nassau County and Suffolk County.

Having reviewed the grand successful career of Matthew Krivitsky in the field of Law, you can be assured of the explicit legal service offered by him. The moment you encounter any legal concern which disrupts your life, you can straightaway approach him for the best legal assistance.


Legal Troubles ?- Ask For Help from Matthew Krivitsky

Legal issues always make everyone panic! And at today’s life, you can’t ignore the problems regarding legal issues, whether you are a business entity or regular service holder or just any common person. In all phases of life, you may face legal matters. And whenever you will face this, you will realize the amount of time it takes to handle your legal situation.

Many people may think they can handle these issues alone but reality soon sets in. All of your efforts will be wasted when you are not in proper guidance. Clinging to those problems in the future will bring you a mess of legal problems.

Among all Matthew Krivitsky is the name of the successful legal attorney, who is an expert as legal advisor. He will be the key person to solve your any kind of legal problems. His previous success proved his knowledge and he creates a milestone in the legal industry as well. Here we will have a short discussion about his talent and successful journey.


We are all aware about the announcement of his famous association with “Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C.”. But what makes him so successful is his passion about law and his practices of law from a very early age. Many famous business entities are already got facilities from this legal Attorney and their continuing of getting the legal supports from him. The name of such companies that Matthew Krivitsky worked in the past are like:

  • Czik Law PLLC
  • McBreen & Kopko, Attorneys of Law
  • Kings County District Attorney’s Office
  • Reinhardt and Reinhardt Attorneys at Law
  • Weiserbs and Higgins, LLP
  • Seeger Weiss, LLP



A successful career can’t be achieved without any excellent academic and specialization . Matthew Krivitsky is the right example for this. His level of education can be understood by knowing that he has been a wonderful scholar.  He obtained his graduation in Law from the very prestigious and renowned Hofstra University School of Law. This is the place where he got his expert knowledge of legal principals and formulations. He gave many valuable suggestions regarding law during his legal voyages. Here some of the qualities that make him different from others are:

  • His legal knowledge and the unique procedure which he follows for every single case.
  • His ability to understand the expressions and expectations of his client’s mind.
  • The ability to understand and handle complicated cases and solve them efficiently makes him the best in the legal industry.
  • The best thing about him is his familiarity with the courtroom and trial procedure and etiquette which make him unique among others.

Matthew Krivitsky has legal experience in the following fields.

For the following legal advice, you may contact Matthew Krivitsky.

  • Car accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Brutality by the Police or False Arrest Cases
  • Construction accidents
  • Premises cases (sidewalks and buildings)
  • Nursing Injuries and Neglects
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  • Any other accident claims

So, if you need help in any of the above issues, don’t ignore your problems. Best Legal Attorney has been just a call away. If you have any kind of excessive medical expenditure and/or insurance issues which have not been handled for lack of the expert’s advice, now is the time to consult with Matthew Krivitsky. So keep your stresses behind and let him handle your legal problems to get you the results you deserve!